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Better Savings by Bundling Home Services for Internet, Cable & Telephone

Did you know that all the Internet services you pay a separate price for can be bundled for maximum savings? At Bundle Your Internet, we make it easy for you to make an informed decision about which bundle package is right for you. The information we provide allows you to make the most out of every dollar that you spend on home internet services such as Internet, cable, phone, and even your home alarm system!

  • Are you unsatisfied with your current Internet service?
  • Do your connection and download speeds make you want to throw your router out the window?
  • Are you paying too much for your Internet service?

If you feel like you are not getting enough out of your home Internet, TV and home theater, and phone services, then you should take a proactive approach to improving it! After all, you have already invested a lot of time and money into Internet connectivity and entertainment systems, and there are many simple fixes that can improve your service without breaking the bank. In fact, some of the offers below will give you the best available products in your area while potentially saving you a lot of money!

Rather than subscribe to separate providers to save money, why not bundle the services of your choice and experience greater discounts? Our bundled offers maximize savings!

When it Comes to Choosing Internet Packages, What Makes Bundle Your Internet Different?

BYI is truly the first one-stop-shop for all your internet, cable and phone system needs! There is no call center that you will be routed to – when you call, you’ll talk to our own support specialist who will fit you with the best offer for your home or business in your area. You are able to select your service package with an expert’s recommendation. Find out about all the options you have near you, rather than feeling stuck with one provider and multiple bills.

At Bundle Your Internet, our end goal is to help you make the best and most informed decision and get the maximum value for every dollar you spend on your home internet, phone and cable services. Why subscribe to different services when you can maximize savings on the best bundled service packages that meet your specific needs?

Top Internet Service Providers with Names You Can Trust

We work with leading Internet service providers so you’re able to compare offers to determine which is best for your needs. Some of the companies featured on our website include AT&T, Cable One, Spectrum, DirecTV, Frontier, and WOW! among dozens of other names you know and trust. We offer unbiased information with the intent of passing on the greatest savings to you.

We Keep Track of Bundled Internet Offers So You Don’t Have to

We know how busy you are, so we make finding the latest bundling offers easy. We keep track of the best deals in the United States so you don’t have to. In addition to all the best-known names in Internet Service Providers, we also feature Charter Spectrum, which is the fastest-growing and one of the most popular bundled services in the U.S. today. Why pay more when you can use Bundle Your Internet to save? We offer the best bundled packages, broadband deals, and overall savings so you get the most bang for your buck. Check back often to see what new offers we have on our page for your city and state.

Everyone’s Needs for High-Speed Internet, Cable and Phone Service are Different

Everyone has different needs which is why just one Internet bundle won’t do. We offer variety so you find the best Cable and Internet options for you. With Bundle Your Internet, you can combine up to four home services into one monthly payment and save money – Internet, Cable, Phone and Home Security Alarm. Your family size, interests, and habits determine which High-Speed Internet package benefits your household the most. You can compare each provider side-by-side to see how they differ, too.

Experience faster upload and download speeds with the bundle you choose. Stream your favorite programming from multiple devices with ease. Capitalize on money-saving deals that make keeping track of two different providers’ bills a thing of the past. With Bundle Your Internet, you get one low price for your bundled services.

BYI Offers the Best Internet, Cable TV, and Phone Deals Available

Let us handle the hassle for you! To find the best internet bundle deals for bundled services available, enter your zip code in the zip code box above. Then simply select which internet service providers are available in your area.

If you need help determining which internet bundle is best for your needs, let us know. Our team is ready and willing to assist you in making the right choice for your household. The fastest internet speed and smoother streaming are something you can look forward to!

Bundle your Internet and Cable with Phone Service for Greater Savings!

Bundle Your Internet offers phone plans from all providers, either as a single service or bundled with Internet or with Internet/Cable. This way we can ensure that you are getting the plan that matches your needs.

We have the smallest plans starting at only $9.99 to fit any budget. We offer unlimited call plans, and also long-distance plans to keep you connected to anywhere around the globe. Getting your home phone bundled with your other services is a great way to stay connected, is there for you for incoming and outgoing calls, also when emergencies occur, your cell phone isn’t getting a good signal or the battery runs down.

Bundle Your Internet also Offers Home Alarm Systems

Whether you are a home owner or a renter, BYI has home alarm system options for you. You can now secure your home with a smartphone, and have complete visibility wherever you go! You can now monitor your valuables and loved ones with our amazing home alarms. Some plans begin as low as $39.99 and best of all, this home alarm equipment can now work with Alexa, Nest, and all your other digital gadgets.

Ask us how we can bundle all the best deals for your home in one affordable price. Talk to our dedicated customer service team by calling (888) 376-0753 today.

Which are the Best Internet Providers in my Area?

To answer your question, “Which are the best internet service providers near me?” you’ve come to the right place! By using Bundle Your Internet’s Zip Code Search, you will find the best internet service providers locally in your area.

Spotlight on Five of Our Favorite Providers’ Package Deals

At Bundle Your Internet , we like to point you to what we consider are some of the most reliable internet service providers available today that are creating great package choices for your home services. Below are five of the best offers you’ll find today in the communications market, along with our top pick and featured recommendation for 2017-2018.

1. Our first top pick is DirecTV’s all-included packages

With zero hassles and all the equipment fees included, Bundle Your Internet will set you up with one of six package deals with equipment for up to 4 rooms. It's a simpler way to enjoy all your favorite movies and shows.

DirecTV, also known simply as DTV, is a U.S. direct broadcast satellite service provider operating out of El Segundo, California, and is now a subsidiary of AT&T. Its satellite stations broadcast throughout the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean. Services include many local TV channels, broadcast TV networks, subscription services, satellite radio services, private video services, DVR, HD channels and premium channels in its various packages, as well as cable networks, films and sports, the best savings are realized when packaged with AT&T and Uverse services.

  • Home of the NFL Sunday Ticket-Only with DTV
  • Extra savings for bundling with AT&T
  • #1 In customer satisfaction
  • Packages start at $50/mo

2. Second on our list of favorites is HughesNet®, and here’s why:

It is America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet with over 1 million subscribers, offering reliable high-speed connections everywhere, making it a great option for rural areas with slow or no high-speed options. It’s a customer-friendly company with an easy-to-use service.

HughesNet recently introduced Gen5, which is a fifth generation high-speed satellite service, that gives you faster speeds, more data, and Wi-Fi, making your online activities easier and more efficient. With the 2017 launch of HughesNet Gen5, it became the first satellite service to offer FCC-defined broadband speeds with downloads at 25 Mbit/s and uploads of 3 Mbit/s, and also offers higher data limits. All of their plans include 50 gigs of Bonus Zone data free between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.

HughesNet also offers business packages with high-speed satellite service for small businesses anywhere within the continental U.S. and Alaska, with the same broadband speed of 25 Mbit/s, as well as service plans that offer additional data during business hours.

  • Serviceable all across the U.S.
  • 25mbs on every plan
  • America’s number one satellite internet provider

3. Another recommended carrier is the popular CenturyLink

CenturyLink is a global communications and IT services company that focuses on connecting its clients to the full power of the digital world. This company offers IT, website hosting, managed network, data systems and big data analytics for businesses, as well as high-speed Internet, TV and voice for homes over a 265,000-route-mile fiber network in the U.S. and a 360,000-route-mile international network.

CenturyLink has improved technology, and therefore, user experience, in the online communications industry. A combo of three services in some packages includes local and long distance telephone service, fiber optic internet and direct broadcast satellite television with DIRECTV. Add to this their home security services and their cloud computing and you have solutions from one provider for all your home and business needs.

  • No contract options
  • Speeds up to 1000 mbs in some regions
  • No sudden rate hikes
  • Prices starting at $45

4. Another success story is super-fast EarthLink for your web service provider

EarthLink provides almost every type online service anywhere, and its prices are often lower than those of competing services.

EarthLink Business Solutions has a full range of data services in communications, IT, virtualization, cloud computing, security, hosting and support services over their nationwide network of 29,421-route-miles of fiber optics, 90 metro area fiber rings, and eight data centers.

EarthLink Residential Solutions provides broadband, DSL, cable TV, 4G and satellite web connections, dial-up, Web hosting and commerce, and other related services, such as spam blocker, anti-virus and online back-up of data. With EarthLink as a single source provider, you save time, money and hassle, while streamlining your services to your home or your business.

  • Amazing speeds starting at $14.95 for 3 months
  • Speeds up to 75mbs
  • Fast speeds over a fiber optic network

5. BYI’s Featured Provider for 2017-2018, is Charter Spectrum Triple Play

Among the very best, and growing in popularity across the U.S. are the bundled home services options from Spectrum, which was formerly known as Time-Warner and Charter Communication with high speed internet for home and for business, TV services and Telephone services bundled into the most affordable packages. Check out Bundle Your Internet’s Spectrum Offers for your local area.

Bundle Your Internet always keeps up with the latest and best ISP deals on the market today. One of the very best that we want to tell you more about in detail is Spectrum Internet and Spectrum TV for your cable viewing that is bundled with the telephone service, Spectrum Voice!

Due to the fast-growing popularity across the U.S. of the Charter Spectrum Internet deals, we are featuring this plan for all the many areas where available. If you are looking for high-quality and best customer service along with cheap high-speed internet and cheap cable, check out the Charter Internet prices for their newest product, Charter Spectrum Triple Play, for the best home internet.

Charter Spectrum Frequently Asked Questions

To learn about America’s fastest-growing Internet, TV and phone services brought to you by Charter Spectrum, the 2nd largest provider in the U.S. after Comcast, read our FAQs below for full details.

What is Charter Spectrum?

Charter Spectrum is the latest offering from Charter Communications, a U.S. cable telecommunications company which offers services to over 25 million consumers and businesses in 41 states. It is the second-largest cable operator in the United States by subscribers, just behind Comcast. It is the tenth largest telephone provider based upon residential subscriber line count. 

In late 2012, with the naming of longtime Cablevision executive Thomas Rutledge as its CEO, the company relocated its corporate headquarters from St. Louis, Missouri to Stamford, Connecticut, although many operations remain in St. Louis. On May 18, 2016, Charter acquired Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks for a combined $65.5 billion, making it the third-largest pay television company in the United States. 

Charter Spectrum includes Spectrum TV, Charter's cable TV in HD service, Spectrum Internet offering up to 100 Mbps in some areas for download speeds, and Spectrum Voice, for unlimited local and long distance home phone service. Spectrum TV and Spectrum Internet are available on their own as standalone services, and all three services are available as part of package deals featuring two services at one low monthly price, and their best deal, Triple Play, with all three services for the greatest savings.

What is the Charter Spectrum Internet Speed?

Internet Speed is always the number one question. Charter Spectrum takes the fastest internet service provider in the nation according to PC Magazine and upgrades from 30 Mbps download speeds to 60 Mbps in some areas and as high as 100 Mbps in many other areas. Eventually, all Spectrum Internet customers will get at 100 Mbps. But even with 60 Mbps speeds, you can stream music, movies, TV shows and play games online without lagging, buffering or timing out your connection.

What is Spectrum Internet Service?

If you have a need for speed, Spectrum Internet is the best for residential internet speeds designed for all your devices and gadgets including computers, tablets and gaming consoles. Users who sign up for Spectrum Internet with 60 Mbps also get a FREE license of Spectrum Security Suite® with parental controls and automatic updates to protect up to 3 computers or connected devices.

With speeds starting at 60 Mbps and in some areas up to 100 Mbps, Spectrum Internet is 20 times faster than DSL.

✓   Starting at 60 mbps ↓
✓   No data caps or extra fees
✓   Unlimited data – no data caps
✓   Includes Security Suite
✓   FREE Internet Modem

Spectrum's high-speed internet service comes with up to 10 email accounts for the entire family, with a generous 1GB of storage per account.

Among the many benefits of purchasing Spectrum Internet services, other things to consider is that this company provides:

✓  Lightning-Fast Internet Speeds
✓  Free Internet Modem
✓  No Data Caps on Bandwidth

Bundling services helps customers save big money by eliminating the need for separate bills. Being able to shop around for the best deal is one of the reasons why Bundle Your Internet is the place that people go when they want to know which offers exists for bundling their Internet services with phone and TV

Residential services are available based on location, and vary from one area to the next. All questions should be directed to BYI’s customer service so we can determine whether Spectrum Internet is the right bundled Internet package for you. Don’t miss out on BIG savings! Check out the offers on Bundle Your Internet regularly to find the best deals.

What is Spectrum TV Service?

Charter Spectrum TV is the latest upgrade to cable TV for HD services that has taken the already extensive Charter Communications television lineup and loaded it with the largest HD cable TV offer in the market, with plans that match every price point.

All levels include:

✓  125+ channels, with FREE HD
✓  No expensive equipment to buy or install on your home
✓  No contracts required
✓  Access to 10,000 shows and movies with On Demand, with 5,000 free choices!
✓  FREE TV apps - Watch live TV and On Demand on any device
✓  Pause, play and rewind live TV

Spectrum TV is available at three price levels: Gold, Silver, and Select.

Spectrum TV Select

This best value package is the most affordable option, but still provides tons of TV channels, including all your local television stations, popular cable favorites ranging from ESPN to CNN and Fox News, TBS and TNT to the USA Network, and a lot more—you'll even get regional sports networks covering your local teams where available. Spectrum TV Select also comes with Spectrum on Demand, the upgrade to Charter on Demand featuring the most HD programming options right at your fingertips.

Spectrum TV Silver

This best mid-tier option, has all the benefits of Select TV, plus more cable and sports channels, as well as the ever-popular HBO, Cinemax and Showtime with their excellent original programming and commercial-free movies.

Spectrum TV Gold

This premium tier package is a great value since it offers the largest selection of HD cable TV programming in the market today. You get everything that comes with Select and Silver TV, plus even more premium and sports channels along with the full suite of movie channels, and more favorites, such as STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, and The Movie Channel. All of these channels and movies are also available in Spectrum on Demand at no additional cost.

What is Spectrum Voice Service?

Charter Spectrum Voice is the industry leader in providing home phone landline service. Spectrum Voice includes not only unlimited local and long distance calling within the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and the United States Virgin Islands, but you also get all the expected and premium phone features at no added cost. Spectrum Voice is a landline service that operates using VoIP, but unlike other VoIP providers, doesn’t need a high speed internet connection, but is installable with any in-home phone jack.

For new customers, there are limits to how you can get Charter Voice since it is not available as a standalone service; it has to be bundled with either Spectrum TV or Spectrum Internet, or with Spectrum Triple Play for all three services, giving you the best value and lowest price for each service.

Spectrum Voice phone service always includes the most popular calling features, including:

✓  Voicemail
✓  Call Waiting
✓  Caller ID
✓  Call Waiting with Caller ID
✓  Custom Rings
✓  Call Screening
✓  Anonymous Call Blocking
✓  Selective Call Acceptance
✓  Speed Dial 8
✓  Variable Call Forwarding
✓  Selective Call Forwarding

Save up to 34%. These features add value to an already great service that saves you up to 35% off your typical phone company bill by allowing you to make as many calls as you want within the calling area, unlimited, for the same price each month. Another benefit is that you know what your bill will be each month, so you can plan out your expenses without having to worry about fluctuating phone costs. Contact the Charter Bundle today to take advantage of Spectrum Voice as part of a Double Play bundle or Triple Play bundle today.

Which Spectrum Internet Plans are Available Near Me?

Charter Spectrum offers single Spectrum Internet service, single Spectrum TV service, or for greater savings, these two services can be bundled into one low price. However, for the best savings that includes Spectrum Voice, a complete phone service, go for Spectrum Triple Play that integrates all 3 services on Internet, Cable TV, and Telephone Services. Here’s a detailed rundown of what you’ll get with these Charter Spectrum services:

What is Spectrum Triple Play?

Spectrum helps you save BIG every month by combining your phone, Internet and cable TV bills into one and provides three great services at one low monthly price. You can purchase high speed Internet, cable TV or voice separately, but you save even more when you get all three services from Spectrum in a Spectrum Triple Play.

A Spectrum Triple Play featuring TV, Internet and Phone is a whole-home solution at the best value offered by the company. Spectrum Triple Play Bundles all give you the same great high speed internet and Spectrum Voice services, the only difference between the packages is the price and the TV lineup you get. There are three Spectrum Triple Play Bundles available.

Spectrum Triple Play Select

Let's start with the lowest-priced. Spectrum Triple Play Select features Spectrum TV Select, giving you our most basic and lowest priced cable TV package featuring more than 10,000+ On Demand choices with more than 1,500 in HD. The 125+ channels you receive include free HD, the most HD for the price from Spectrum. You'll also receive all your local channels in HD when available, plus popular favorites like ESPN, ESPN2, ABC Family, the Disney Channel, Discovery, CNN, Lifetime, Food Network, MTV and USA Network, along with new channels like OWN, Hallmark Movie Channel and Bloomberg.

Spectrum Triple Play Silver

Spectrum Triple Play Silver features all of the Internet and phone options available with the Spectrum Triple Play Select plan, but gives you fifty more TV channels, bringing you more than 175+ TV channels with the most HD for the price. Additional channels include Biography, Cooking Channel, Nick Jr., Inspirational Network, BBC America, Fox Business Network, and Sprout. With this package, you also get premium original programming and Hollywood hits from HBO®, Cinemax® and Showtime®, and have access to the Spectrum On Demand programming from these premium channels as well.

Spectrum Triple Play Gold

With Spectrum Triple Play Gold you get all the Internet and Phone options available with the Spectrum Triple Play Silver plan, as well as Spectrum Gold TV, which is the most comprehensive package available from the Spectrum Bundle, with 200+ channels, the most in HD period. Additional channels for sports fans like ESPNU, NFL Network, NFL Red Zone, Tennis Channel, Fox College Sports, CBS Sports Network and the Outdoor Channel are included, along with additional premium channels for movie buffs like STARZ®, STARZ ENCORE®, The Movie Channel® and EPIX®.

✓  Starting at 60 mbps ↓ and 7.0 mbps ↑
✓  125+ channels, with FREE DVR service
✓  FREE Installation/Modem
✓  No contracts
✓  Speeds up to 100Mbps
✓  Unlimited data – no data caps
✓  Unlimited local and long distance calling in selected countries

What is Spectrum Business?

Spectrum also provides commercial business services with Spectrum Business. There is no contract, hidden fees or taxes. Bundling Internet & WiFi with Phone and HD TV is recommended for maximum savings. Offers are subject to availability based on geographic location.

What is the Availability of Charter Spectrum’s Deals for Internet Service in My Area?

Charter Communications offers cable TV in HD, high speed internet, and digital landline home phone services in 29 states, with more areas to come. In all Charter areas, Charter Spectrum is either already in place or on the way, offering the best and most affordable unlimited local and long distance landline phone service in the business. If you are not sure you're in a Charter area, you can enter your zip code to find out if Charter service is available for you.

No matter which Services You Need, Bundle Your Internet has the Best Internet Package Deals

We know how busy you are so we make finding the latest bundling offers easy. We offer variety so you find the best Cable and Internet options for you. Your family size, interests, and habits determine which High-Speed Internet package benefits your household the most. You can compare each provider side-by-side to see how they differ, too.

Let us handle the hassle for you! To find the best internet bundle deals available, enter your zip code in the zip code box above. Then simply select which service providers are available in your area.

If you need help determining which internet bundle is best for your needs, let us know. Our team is ready and willing to assist you in making the right choice for your household.

Call us at: 888-376-0753