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Did you know that all the Internet services you pay a separate price for can be bundled for maximum savings? At Bundle Your Internet, we make it easy for you to make an informed decision about which bundle package is right for you. The information we provide allows you to make the most out of every dollar that you spend on home internet services such as Internet, cable, phone, and even your home alarm system!

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We work with leading Internet service providers so you’re able to compare offers to determine which is best for your needs.

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We know how busy you are, so we make finding the latest bundling offers easy. We keep track of the best deals in the United States so you don’t have to.

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Why pay more when you can use Bundle Your Internet to save? We offer the best bundled packages, broadband deals, and overall savings so you get the most bang for your buck.

Triple Play Bundle

Fast Internet Speed

  • Cable Connection
  • 125 Channels
  • 60Mb download for $89.98/mo


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Are you unsatisfied with your current Internet service?

If you feel like you are not getting enough out of your home Internet, TV and home theater, and phone services, then you should take a proactive approach to improving it! After all, you have already invested a lot of time and money into Internet connectivity and entertainment systems, and there are many simple fixes that can improve your service without breaking the bank. In fact, some of the offers below will give you the best available products in your area while potentially saving you a lot of money!

Rather than subscribe to separate providers to save money, why not bundle the services of your choice and experience greater discounts? Our bundled offers maximize savings!

When it Comes to Choosing Internet Packages What Makes Bundle Your Internet Different?


BYI is truly the first one-stop-shop for all your internet, cable and phone system needs! There is no call center that you will be routed to – when you call, you’ll talk to our own support specialist who will fit you with the best offer for your home or business in your area. You are able to select your service package with an expert’s recommendation. Find out about all the options you have near you, rather than feeling stuck with one provider and multiple bills.

At Bundle Your Internet, our end goal is to help you make the best and most informed decision and get the maximum value for every dollar you spend on your home internet, phone and cable services. Why subscribe to different services when you can maximize savings on the best bundled service packages that meet your specific needs??

Bundle your Internet and Cable with Phone Service for Greater Savings!

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AT&T Triple Play

- Cable connection - No commitment - 125+ channels

Best Speed For:

1 movie (2GB) would take...10MinsTo Download
50 photos (300MB) would take...11SecondsTo Download
1 album (60MB) would take...1SecondTo Download
$89.99 Per Month
Cinemax, STARZ, HBO and SHOWTIME offered when certain bundle requirements are met

Spectrum TV Select +

Offering digital TV and fast, reliable Internet for one low cost. Top-tier residential services conveniently bundled on one bill.

Best Speed For:

1 movie (2GB) would take...10MinsTo Download
50 photos (300MB) would take...11SecondsTo Download
1 album (60MB) would take...1SecondTo Download
$89.98 Per Month
Features over 125 channels, Free HD programming, 3D movies. Includes Spectrum TV app to watch your favorite shows on the go. DVR service, access to 10,000+ On Demand viewing choices, free Internet modem.

Viasat Liberty 50

Offering Liberty Pass so you can keep using the internet even if you go over your Priority. Video Data Extender Stream video at DVD quality, optimized for 480p, when you want to use less data.
Up to 12Mbps

Best Speed For:

1 movie (2GB) would take...17MinsTo Download
50 photos (300MB) would take...3MinsTo Download
1 album (60MB) would take...41SecTo Download
$75 Per Month
Plans start at 75/mo $100/mo after 3 months

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