Verizon Wireless is an American company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Verizon Communications. It offers wireless telecommunications products and services. A merger of historic proportions took place in the United States in 2000 to create the company. Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corp. came together to form Verizon which delivers services to millions of customers daily.

Wireless Services Offered by Verizon

The company’s wireless services include:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Hotspots
  • SmartHub
  • Wearable Tech
  • High-Speed Internet (DSL)
  • Fios

Bundled services save you time and money. Learn more about the advantages of High-Speed Internet (DSL) and Fios fiber-optic Internet by reading the descriptions below. Helping you determine the best way to bundle your Internet services is what we do best. 

Advantages of High-Speed Internet (DSL) 

High-Speed Internet offers 0.5 to 15 Mbps download speeds and 384 Kbps to 1 Mbps upload speeds depending on which option you choose. The benefit of DSL is that it isn’t shared with a customer’s neighbors. Cable bandwidth is which is why it’s slower than High-Speed Internet.

Advantages of Fios Which is 100% Fiber-Optic

Fios is even faster. Its fiber-optic which helps families maximize their time online. It supports multiple users and devices at the same time. Uploading photos and streaming videos, which lag on other networks, is done at record speed.

The fastest option allows customers to upload 200 photos in as few as four seconds. Fios is great for multiple occupant homes where the Internet is used regularly. It’s not available in all geographic locations, however, at this time. 

99.9% Reliability

Verizon’s High-Speed Internet network boasts “99.9% reliability”. If staying connected once you’re online and streaming without lagging is ideal, you’ll find the different options offered by the company worth thinking about.

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