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Exede Internet was launched in 2012 through ViaSat and provides broadband internet to the United States. Exede service is powered by the ViaSat-1 satellite. ViaSat-1 earned the Guinness World Record title for the highest capacity communications satellite. The Exede service currently serves 687,000 customers in the U.S.

VOIP Residential Phone Service and Internet Service is What Exede Does Best

The company plans to launch ViaSat-2 which expands coverage areas. Exede sells voice over IP residential phone service as well. DirecTV offers Exede Internet to many of its customers who would benefit from using it.

Reaching Rural Areas without Strong Internet Connections

Known for its ability to reach areas cable can’t, the company offers satellite Internet bundle packages that help its customers save. Currently, Exede offers three different types of plans known as Liberty Promo, Liberty 10, and Liberty Freedom. Each offers additional plans with differing data, download, and upload speeds.

Why Customers Like Exede

Some of the things that make Exede Internet stand out to customers include:

  • 12 Mbps Download Speed on Priority Data Plans
  • 3 Mbps Upload Speed on Priority Data Plans
  • Fast Browsing, Video Chat, Video Streaming, and Sharing of Photos

Exede for Businesses as Their Main Internet Connection or Secondary Connection

Exede also offers Internet options for businesses. Coverage is available in rural areas in single as well or multiple locations. Speeds top 15×4 Mbps.

The company offers Exede Redundancy to business customers who want a backup service. If their other Internet connection fails them, they don’t lose valuable time or money waiting for the service to come back up. They have a secondary WiFi connection that allows them to keep their business online and their brick and mortar storefronts operating as usual.

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