Covering 854 zip codes spread across the Southeast and Midwest, WOW provides high-speed internet access, cable TV, phone, and cloud services at competitive prices.

With a wide range of internet speeds starting at 4 Mbps and all the way up to 1 Gigabyte, WOW delivers like none other. There’s fiber optic, coaxial, copper, and DSL options customers can choose from. Find the best fit all in one place.

Don’t stop with just internet, add cable too. Cable TV packages with basic channels and added access to premium channels are available. Coupled with fast download speeds, enjoy the latest in television entertainment without lagging internet.

WOW has phone services too, meaning customers can bundle all three and save big! Get a fast internet connection, extensive channels, and never miss a call again.

WOW isn’t just a name, it’s in all we do!