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3 Ways the Writers’ Room is Changing

3 Ways the Writers’ Room is Changing

When it comes to television, the success of a show doesn’t hinge on the actors, the producers, or even the network. It’s the writers’ room.

The actors, the producers, and the network do contribute a great deal to a show dying a horrible death though. The last one on that list contributes the most. Anyone remember Firefly?

The point is, writers are what give the show it’s meat. The dialogue, the scenes, the action, the emotions, all of that is produced by the writers’ room.

The producers provide the money, and the director gives the whole production a goal. And the network makes the “smart decisions.” These smart decisions usually end a show. Anyone remember Almost Human?

Writers' RoomIt’s the writers that provide all the important parts that make a show a show.

The funny one-liners, the jokes, the turns of phrase, the speeches, and the list goes on. Without a writers’ room, the show wouldn’t exist.

Ironically, it’s the writers who get the least amount of credit.

This team of creatives sit down day after day and do the hard work of writing. While writing is seen as a creative endeavor, make no mistake, it involves hard work. I speak from experience.

And it’s so frustrating to see all the hard work of the writers get thrown away when a network decides a show “just isn’t right.”

Anyone remember Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip?

Studio 60

It starts with a well-loved sketch comedy show, Studio 60, getting shaken up. To fix the public relations disaster, the showrunner hires a well-known producer-writer duo. Played by Matthew Perry, Matt Albie is the writer. He’s got awards, he’s proven himself, he’s what the producers think will save their show.

Albie, like most writers, is always battling his creative demons.

The first Monday after being hired, Albie is tasked with writing his first episode.

Walking into the head writer’s office, he sees the previous occupant put up a neon sign. Turning it on, he finds a famous quote there.

“Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.”

On top of it is a running clock, letting him know how much time he has until the next episode airs.

And the rest of the episode all his creative demons and writing problems are summed up with that running clock.

Should Have Gone With a Writer’s Room

The ironic part is this doesn’t accurately portray how a real television production works. And yet, it’s on television.Writers' Room

In a real studio, Albie would have leaned on his writers’ room. It was more dramatic to have him go it alone. But in real life, the less drama there is the better.

This writers’ room would have already had ideas they were working on and getting ready for them to test out. Ideas would have been bouncing around as multiple writers thought of different ways to convey an idea. Or how to make an idea better.

The writers’ room is an integral part of the production process.

Possibly the most integral part.

But it’s changing.

In this era of Peak TV, more and more shows are being produced. The vast majority of these shows are short and sometimes don’t last long.

Until recently, an idea would be pitched to a producer. If the producer liked the idea, that person would put together a budget and pull in writers to help write a pilot. The pilot would get produced and pitched to a network. If the network liked it, they’d order a set of shows along with the pilot and air it for the next season. If the show did well, it’d get picked up.

There’s a lot of “ifs” in that last paragraph.

Anywhere along the way, a show could have gotten derailed or canceled. This meant the loss of money and time invested to create it.

This was called the “pilot-model.”

Now shows are being created with more than just a pilot shot. Sometimes there is no pilot at all.

The choice for many production companies is to go with a mini-room.


Writers’ Rooms usually had a lot of writers in them.

Now the common trend is to have a room with four or five writers working on a single project to come up with possible scripts for episodes. Sometimes they hash out an overall arc. Other times its coming up with ideas to build upon for more shows and possibly later seasons.

Other times a mini-room means a group of writers will only be employed for a short time as they work to write out multiple scripts for a show so the producer has an idea of what the show will look like beyond a pilot.

Sometimes it means both.

The major complaint here is that mini-rooms do not provide a stable income for writers. By their nature, they will only last for a short time.

Another complaint is that the process doesn’t work for some producers. Either they’re used to the old way, or they’re not liking what’s coming out of the room.

On the upside, mini-rooms have their advantages.

Writers’ Rooms are Getting Smaller

An obvious point, but it bears mentioning.

With fewer writers in the room, the most common praise is “greater intimacy.” Meaning, they feel comfortable talking about heavy subject matter.

When writers feel comfortable with each other, they can get to some very deep issues and ideas. This isn’t as common with a large room of writers.

It also helps when a smaller group is hashing out ideas as it’s easier to manage. A cohesive storyline can form faster and work can pick up. What may have taken a season to write may take half or a quarter of the time.

More Writing Opportunities

With more writers’ rooms popping up, more writers are needed to fill them.Writers' Room

The pool of chances just got bigger.

Aspiring writers without the right connections would have a better shot of getting their work in front of a producer. And believe me, having connections in the business makes a world of difference when it comes to getting started.

Why do you think Miley Cyrus became famous? It couldn’t have been because her dad was Billy Ray Cyrus, right?

More Chances for Marginalized Voices

The push for more voices from different backgrounds is gaining steam.

Yet, there women and minorities are still only accounting for about a quarter of the content coming out of Hollywood.

With more writing opportunities available, through mini-rooms, more writers from these backgrounds have a chance. A chance to get their writing in front of producers.

Maybe the industry will finally shift?

We can hope.

Mini-Rooms Becoming the Norm

With any change in the industry, there are those who love and those who hate it.

The biggest argument against mini-rooms is they’re turning the industry into a gig economy.

There is some truth to that, but as more and more companies outsource and get leaner, it makes sense this would happen.

On the upside, there are more chances for aspiring writers to make an impact. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

With the wave of content still rolling strong, there will be a need for more and more writers. As well as people who will want to watch them. So make sure you have a reliable connection and decent download speed. Check out the best internet deals to save you some time and money.

As for Matt Albie of Studio 60, he did manage to pull off the show.

Though unrealistic, the ending had a touch of cosmic fate.

As he watches the audience applause and the cast bow, he smiles and walks away from the window.

Only to hear the sign click.

He looks back.

The timer has rolled over and it’s counting down to next week’s episode.

3 Reasons Cloud Gaming Will Be Awesome

3 Reasons Cloud Gaming Will Be Awesome

The promise of Cloud Gaming seemed to be a false promise. But now it appears Electronic Arts (EA) can revive that dream.

Back in June 2018, EA demonstrated they were able to stream high-quality games via a high-speed connection. The person on the other end simply needed a controller to hook up to the television, computer, or laptop, and they could play the game.

Just like Netflix brings movies and shows straight to the consumer, EA is working to launch their own game streaming service.

All players will need is a controller, a high-speed internet connection on their device, and of course, a subscription. Then they’ll have access to a huge array of games to play with.

This would have been nice if they’d come out with this technology a lot sooner.Cloud Gaming

That One Roommate

Before Cloud Gaming, before even Netflix streaming, I was a college student sharing a house with five other guys.

The house, affectionately dubbed “The Shack,” should have been condemned. There were roaches living there, not to mention the squirrels and cats too. The squirrels left us alone, but the roaches were constantly inciting a turf war.

The cats just used the place to procreate, and loudly.

Rent was cheap though.

Which was the point, I guess.

To make the situation more livable, TV’s were brought in, DVD players, huge selections of DVDs, and games.Cloud Gaming

One guy had an Xbox. Let’s call him Rick.

While I did my fair share of movie watching, Rick played video games.

Non. Stop.

I shouldn’t judge, he turned out to be a great guy.

And I did spend a few nights trying to beat Gears of War. I wasn’t totally immune.

Yet, if you were to walk in there, 99 times out of ten, it wasn’t me on the Xbox trying to level up in the hottest game to come out that year- Halo 3. It would have been Rick.

So the soundtrack of the house was a constant stream of explosions, gunfire, Rick shouting into his headset, and vulgar putdowns from other people playing the game as well.

This was college.

Since Rick played hours upon hours of Halo, he was good at the game. I wasn’t.

I would be lucky to get five kills in a multi-player match. And Rick wouldn’t hesitate to point this out to me any time I picked up a controller.

As if living in that cesspool wasn’t enough, I couldn’t prove myself in the last arena of true battle- online gaming.

I graduated college, got married, and soon found online gaming really wasn’t the measure of a true man.

But I digress.

I didn’t own a game console. Thus, I wasn’t good at gaming. In hindsight, this wasn’t a bad thing. I did, after all, get into books. And I couldn’t be happier.

Gaming, however, is going to change.Cloud Gaming

As more and more games come out that only emphasize their online gaming mode and not their story mode, the video game companies will need a better way to market their games.

Enter Cloud Gaming.

It’s not all bad.

And here are three reasons why.

No Consoles to Pay For

Part of the reason I never bought an Xbox or a PlayStation was the expensive price tag. And I was a poor college kid.

My parents were also not big into gaming. So I can’t blame them for not shelling out the cash to buy me one that one time I put it on my Christmas list.

With a streaming service, there’s no need to buy the console, or even the game itself. Just hook up the internet, plug in the controller, and away you go.

A streaming game service was attempted back at the start of the 2010’s.

Two companies, GoLive and Gaikai, each showed cloud gaming was a viable possibility.

The only problem was the technology required to make it work was expensive and not as available as it was today. There was also the widely accepted belief that one buys games and does not stream them. Streaming was for movies and wasn’t seen as a stable method for delivering a high-quality gaming experience.

EA has cracked that.

Now all they need is enough subscribers to make it profitable.


With Cloud Gaming, you’ll only pay once a month, or once for the whole year.

Paying once a month and getting games cheaper is better than having to pay for the console and the games too. At least, I would think so. I’m no expert here, but I do know what I like. And I’d much rather pay a little bit at a time than a lot all at once.

It’s unclear if other game production companies will create their own subscription services like EA’s. But who am I kidding? Of course they will.

Once EA proves this will work, other companies are going to launch their own subscription services to make it happen and compete.

Soon the entertainment world will be one big subscription service, with subscription services to manage subscription services.

At least the games will be cheaper.

Availability to More Players

Rick, though a good guy, was still hogging the Xbox most of the time.Cloud Gaming

With a subscription service, this opens the door for even more people to plug in and play…so long as the internet speed is fast enough. There’s a way around that, just get the best internet bundles and you’ll be able to have multiple players, on multiple devices, all streaming their games at. The. Same. Time!

If there are not enough ports for the controllers, then pull out a laptop, computer, or just another TV with an internet connection. Players would then be able to join in the game and no one would have to wait their turn to play.

Cloud Gaming would make gaming accessible to a much wider audience.

When Is The Future?

EA’s Origin Access Premiere is still in its infancy.

There will still be some kinks to work out, but as of right now, it seems to be working well. This is good news for EA as they continue their domination of the video game industry.

For those who don’t enjoy video games, or don’t object to EA on principle, there are always books to read.

As for me, I don’t see myself getting involved with video games beyond the few apps I have on my phone. Maybe when I’m older and my life slows down just a little bit I’ll have some time to just waste on a game. But I doubt that will happen any time soon.

Rick, my old roomie, did give up gaming. I’m not sure when, but it must have been some time after he got married and started working a real job. Then he had kids.

Last I spoke with him he was getting his masters and taking care of yet another baby. How he manages kids and masters level courses, I don’t know. I barely made it through my masters’ level course with one child.

A few weeks ago I was near my alma mater and thought, just briefly, if that god-forsaken Shack was still there.

Low and behold, it was.

Some other poor sap decided they’d live with the roaches, the squirrels, and the cats, in that confined space. Hopefully, they have fast, reliable internet, and a streaming service.

Walmart V. Amazon: Is it Good for You?

Walmart V. Amazon: Is it Good for You?

Why would Walmart compete against Amazon? They’re both large companies that make a good profit. Walmart has dominated the big-box store competition. Amazon has dominated just about everything else.

But Amazon bought Whole Foods.

For a technology company that can deliver things so quickly and efficiently to buy a grocery store means Walmart’s going to have serious competition soon.

Reminds me of another epic rivalry.

Hi, I’m a Mac

Not too long ago, Apple ran this advertising campaign to highlight the differences between the two brands. Microsoft, who makes PCs, was played by the unassuming John Hodgman.

Hodgman was great as the embodiment of the PC computer who was terminally befuddled with problems. Some issues were legit, like Microsoft’s horrible Vista operating system. Most of the time it was about the identity of the brands.

Justin Long, the embodiment of the Mac, was the young and hip guy who casually took care of every problem and had no issues whatsoever with his operating systems.

As you can see from the clip above, they were hilarious. Superb comedy writing.

But they distracted from the real issue- buying a computer is more a personal choice than a rational one.

Mac or PC?

Microsoft makes great computers.

Apple makes great computers.

Which one is best comes down to a matter of personal choice.

Microsoft, who makes the PCs, are reliable computers. They may not be sleek or classy looking, but they do the job that’s required of them.

Apples are elegantly designed.

What makes Apples different from PCs, besides aesthetics, is that Apple has branded itself as the “different” computer company.

Those who want to see themselves as different, innovative, or an outsider, are usually going to buy a Mac. This stems from Steve Jobs prompting customers to “think different” when it came to buying a computer.

Macs were made to be simple to set up, easy to use, and intuitive.

PCs, however, were clunky and took a lot of work just to get turned on.

In the intervening years, PCs have come a long way in terms of their functionality and ease of use. It also helps that Microsoft Word works best on a PC, and Word is the industry standard for the publishing industry.

This article, in fact, was written on a PC…then copy and pasted onto our On The Download blog.

While there is a version of Word available for Macs, it’s not as sleek or easy to use. Somewhat ironic really.

So when it comes to a Mac or a PC, I go for the PC.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like Macs. I get more benefits out of a PC than I do Macs.

In the contest between Amazon and Walmart, it’s shaping up to look like the Mac v. PC commercials.

In the end, it’s a good thing for the consumer- you.

Hi, I’m Amazon

WalmartAmazon started out as just an online reseller of books.

It has since grown to become a behemoth in the online retail space.

Amazon has hundreds of warehouses and sorting centers across the world. It took years to build this up and cost a lot to pull off. But all that hard work has proven extremely advantageous as Amazon can ship things relatively easily across the world, sometimes getting something into your hands within a day.

You do have to pay extra for the service, but Amazon is the only one doing it right now.

With their huge warehouses of stuff, and third-party vendors able to sell their wares on the site as well, Amazon has a definitive edge when it comes to operating an online retail space.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though.

Their last Prime Day had a rocky start, and then there were the issues with Whole Foods.

When Amazon bought Whole Foods, it was expected they could start delivering grocery orders within hours.

That has not quite worked out.

Though Amazon has tried starting their own delivery service with sub-contractors, and even going as far as partnering with Uber and Lyft, the service hasn’t quite taken off.

This may be because grocery shopping is still a personal activity. I speak from experience as I would rather pick my groceries myself than have someone do it for me. It would save me on time but at the expense of getting the wrong cereal. And that’s a blow that’s hard to come back from.

Amazon is still working to iron out the kinks, but the food delivery issue is still unresolved as of this writing.

Hi, I’m Walmart

Walmart has the big-box chain thing down, pat!Walmart

The only issue with this is the world is becoming increasingly digital. Walmart’s method of delivering goods from warehouse to store, while efficient, is also costly. For this reason, Walmart may not have as big a profit margin as Amazon does.

What they do have, however, is brand recognition.

Drive through rural America and you’ll see a Walmart in any decent-sized town. It won’t be huge or flashy, but it will be busy.

Walmart’s brand of “saving you more” has stuck and people from far and wide will drive great distances to get a better deal on their weekly groceries.

Yet, the world is becoming more and more digital. As cities grow and rural communities shrink, Walmart’s advantage will shrink with it.

Walmart’s New Advantage

Unlike other companies who said “we’ve done things this way and it’s worked out for us so we’ll keep doing it this way,” Walmart is taking a different path.

Walmart is currently ramping up Vudu, the movie streaming service it owns, and will turn it into their personal entertainment streaming service completed with original content.

Walmart is also working on solving the grocery delivery and infrastructure problem.

To do this, they’ve created two tech incubators, one in San Bruno, California, and one in Austin, Texas.

A tech incubator is a shelter for startups. Incubators are geared for looking for a specific type of technology or process and then working on how to apply it to the parent organization. In this case, that’s Walmart. And Walmart is looking for the right startups, or even entrepreneurs, who might have solutions to their problems. Once those are identified, they’ll provide a workspace for them and money to work on their idea, process, or product.

Given Walmart has these two tech incubators in very tech-heavy markets is a sign they’re aggressively seeking solutions.

While Amazon has the brand image of creating new technology in-house, Walmart is working to bring in thinkers to solve its problems. That may not be part of Walmart’s overall brand, but it’s a wise move considering how business practices are changing.

On a minor note, Walmart could have saved itself some money and set up shop in San Antonio, TX, just an hour down the road from Austin. It would have still had access to all the tech genius of Austin but at far cheaper overhead.

Just saying.

Who Will Win?

In the coming contest for online retail dominance, Amazon appears to be frontrunner here.

They’ve been building their digital platform, they’ve already run into problems with delivering groceries so they’re farther ahead on solving them.

Walmart, however, isn’t sitting back and doing nothing.

They’ve invested in finding people who will come up with answers and then how to incorporate those answers. They may be proverbially late to the game, but they’re not showing up short-handed either.

The key to whole competition will be who will devise a better customer experience. Price will factor in too. Customers will overlook that if they like the customer interface enough.

A system may be more intuitive than the other or have more features, but if a customer does not like it, that will hurt the overall performance of each company.

In the end, it’s all about how well you take care of your customer.

Before that happens, however, you’ll need to have a decent internet connection. Check out the best internet bundles and save yourself a little bit of money too.

When Amazon and Walmart finally figure out how to get groceries to your front door, you don’t want your internet making that difficult.

4 Great Things Coming to AMC Networks

4 Great Things Coming to AMC Networks

AMC Networks, owner of the eponymous channel that’s home to “The Walking Dead”, “Better Call Saul”, and “Preacher”, is working on acquiring RLJ Entertainment. RLJ owns Acorn TV and Urban Movie Channel, which means AMC is going to be getting bigger.

And offering more for their streaming customers!

RLJ has a huge library they’ll bring to the table. This means even more shows and movies that AMC customers will get to see through the networks bevy of channels.

The best part?

RLJ Entertainment owns 64% of the Agatha Christie Limited, the media rights and literary management company set up by the great author herself.

If this doesn’t excite you, here’s four reasons why it should.

Agatha Christie

Long hailed as the murder mystery writer, Agatha Christie wrote sixty-six detective novels and fourteen short story collections.

Born in 1890, Agatha took up writing poems and short stories. It wasn’t until a cousin recommended a murder mystery that Agatha attempted to enter the genre. If there hadn’t been that one suggestion, the murder-mystery genre may not be what it is today.

Her writing style, use of tropes, red herrings, and characters have helped define what makes good murder mystery writing. She’s also credited with starting the Golden Age of Detective Fiction.

Her works, though dated, have been adapted and many authors are updating them to reflect more modern writing styles. At least one lucky author, Sophie Hannah, has been given authority to continue writing Hercule Poirot mysteries.

Of her sixty-six works, three detectives stand out.

Tommy and Tuppence

Lesser known of her famous detectives, Agatha enjoyed writing Tommy and Tuppence novels the most. These Partners in Crime were her first detectives, and the duo aged with her.

Partners in Crime follow Tommy and Tuppence Beresford as they find themselves constantly getting involved with dastardly plots. The pair didn’t set out to solve crimes at first. Because there were no other jobs, they started up Young Adventurers Ltd. “Willing to do anything. Go anywhere…No reasonable offer refused.”

Those reasonable offers came with a mystery to solve.

While I haven’t read or watched any of the works, if its Agatha Christie, then I at least know it’s good source material. As for the adaptations of the works themselves, again, I’m in the dark here.

Given there’s been multiple interpretations of the characters, it’s safe to say the crime-solving pair are entertaining to watch.

One novel was adapted into a silent movie in 1928 then a series of radio dramas on the BBC in 1953. The late Richard Attenborough provided the voice for Tommy too!

In 1984, Partners in Crime was finally adapted for the small screen. James Warwick and Francesca Annis took on the titular roles and reprised the roles again in 1985.

No new adaptations were made until 2005, this time in France. The names of the characters were changed, though the source material remained faithful to Christie’s original vision. In 2008, another French adaptation was made.

David Walliams and Jessica Raine took on the roles in the 2015 mini-series, Partners In Crime.

No news as to whether another adaptation is in the works.

Miss Marple

Miss Marple seems to sit quietly in the background, knitting away.

This turns out to only be deception, as the elderly spinster is quietly observing, assessing, and analyzing everyone and everything around her. This is what makes her a remarkably effective sleuth.

The list of actresses who’ve played Miss Marple is practically a “who’s-who” of classic acting; Gracie Fields, Margaret Rutherford, Angela Lansbury, Helen Hayes, Joan Hickson, and June Whitfield.

Most recently, Geraldine McEwan starred in the role in 2004 with Julia McKenzie assuming the role in 2009.

I haven’t had the chance to catch these adaptations, though I did see a stage production of A Murder is Announced when I was in college. Being a Division III school, they didn’t do too bad.

Hercule Poirot

The most well-known of Agatha’s sleuths was Hercule Poirot (pronounced “pwa-ro,” it’s Belgian French).

If it wasn’t because of his skills as a detective, then it was most definitely the mustache.

The idea for Hercule Poirot is said to not been based on any one person. There is speculation, however, that a specific Belgian refugee who fled to England and settled in the countryside is the true catalyst for Agatha’s most notable detective. There’s another claim that he was based on two other fictional detectives of the time, Hercule Popeau and Monsieur Poiret. And still another that he was based on Sherlock Holmes.

The mystery of who really inspired Agatha Christie to create the character will remain. When it comes to who did the best job of portraying the character, there is less speculation needed.

Who’s the Best Poirot?

From Charles Laughton to Hugh Laurie, there have been too many Poirot’s to list here.

In 2017 Kenneth Branagh stepped into the role for Murder on the Orient Express. Given the film’s high production budget and Branagh’s Shakespearean experience, the movie was amazing. Fun to watch, keeps you guessing (if you haven’t already read the book), and great performances by an all-star cast.

Yet, for me, the standard of Hercule Poirot will always be set by David Suchet.

True, Suchet’s mustache is more downplayed than Branagh’s. Branagh had the advantage of a big budget and having to only wear the titular facial hair for a relatively short time. Suchet, on the other hand, played the role for thirteen years. And yet, the mustache’s even more endearing than Branagh’s.

The ear-to-ear handlebars that Branagh sports are impressive, but only from a production standpoint. From a character standpoint, it’s just a defining feature. Suchet’s is where it’s at. Though subtler, his mustache adds the dramatic flair that is Poirot. To keep that kind of facial hair going for that long takes a rare level of commitment.

To get into the mindset of such a literary behemoth, Suchet took character notes. By the end of his run, he had over 90 traits written down that made Poirot Poirot. Branagh only had to stay in character for a few months.

And that closes that case.

Find Agatha Christie

It’s unclear if AMC Networks will just air reruns of the great Christie works or if they’re going to create original content from them.

Given the recent resurgence in her work, I would hope they’d opt to remake some of her work. They could even go the Holmes route and update her characters.

If that were to happen, then Vincent Cassel would be my first pick to step into the role of a new Poirot. Of course, Dame Judi Dench would be great as Miss Marple. For Tommy and Tuppence I’d name James Marsters and Lucy Davis. Hollywood may go a different direction, and they often do. It’s not the first time I’ve been ignored by Hollywood.

And it won’t be the last.

The good news is that getting access to current Agatha Christie works is simple. First, look for the best internet and cable packages. This way you’ll save money and headache when it comes to watching all the shows and movies based on Agatha Christie’s books.

Second, get to a library or a bookstore and go find Agatha’s actual work. Every library is bound to have at least one.

Third, if reading a book isn’t your thing, then get the Overdrive app or any number of audiobook apps. There’s a few that offer free titles as well.

This way you’ll get to read Murder on the Orient Express, and others, before watching the movie. This will enhance your viewing experience.

Once you’ve read an Agatha Christie, then watch a movie or a show, then it’ll be no mystery why her work has lasted so long.

1 Cool Technique to Breathe Away Frustration

1 Cool Technique to Breathe Away Frustration

During those moments of extreme frustration, anger, or confusion, the worst thing someone can say to you is “calm down, just breathe okay!”

This isn’t sound advice.

“Never in the history of calming down has anyone ever calmed down by being told to calm down.”

This quote has shown up in various permutations across the internet. Be it Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or some other social media platform, someone has said this. Or put it in a meme.

Commanding someone to calm down isn’t going to work.

It’ll likely have the opposite effect.


What to Do?

There is nothing wrong with getting angry, frustrated, or confused.

A weird push has gone out these days to “not let things get to you.” While that would be great, we live in an imperfect world. We’re imperfect people.

You’re going to get angry.

Don’t run from it.

(On the flipside, don’t use it as an excuse to get mad about anything and everything)

Instead, know that people, events, even movies, will make you angry.

When that happens, and it feels as if the whole world is against you…

Or you can’t believe someone can be that stupid…

Or the bottom fell out…


A “Secret” Breathing Technique

This breathing technique, believed to be popularized by the Navy Seals, uses a natural function of your own body to interrupt and reset your most powerful resource.

It’s your mind.

By breathing, adjusting the rhythm and pace of your breathing, your mind will react in a positive way.

At first, this was called a “secret” technique, but given there’s plenty of articles, posts, and even this clip-

-it’s safe to say the technique isn’t all that secret anymore.

What matters is practicing this technique and utilizing it when you read about yet another politician saying something stupid.


How to Breathe

Mark Divine, the author of the Time article above, dubbed it “Box Breathing.” (I’m not sure who came up with the technique, but it gained in popularity after that article)

Inhale for four seconds.

Hold your breath for four seconds.

Exhale for four seconds.

Hold for four seconds.


And continue to repeat until you feel your head clear.

(Tom Wolfe, the instructor in the clip, uses a five count. The four-count has worked for me. Try out both to see which one is more effective for you)

I speak from experience when I say that this does help, indeed, clear my head. Once my heart rate slows, I’m able to be more rational. I can recall a few specific times that I wasn’t “calm” after doing the Boxed Breathing. I was more rational though, so that’s a plus!

Make sure you don’t do a long count though. Unless you want to pass out. That would be a little extreme.

More Than Just Calming Down

Boxed Breathing, if you want to keep calling it that, is helpful for more than just clearing your head.

This technique is useful for stressful situations of any kind.

When I’m writing and the words just aren’t coming, I sometimes focus on my breathing to clear my head. Once my head is cleared, the words come easier.

It’s not a “magic bullet” for any sort of anxiety, but a tool to help take the edge off.Breathe

I’ve also used a modified version for running. Don’t do a four count, but a three or a two-count. I’ve tried it on runs before and even did it this morning to confirm this hypothesis. My head does clear a little and I’m able to work past the pain in my legs to keep going. This is how I’ve managed to improve my pace.

I’m no cross-country star, but it’s at least getting me through my half-marathon training. We’ll see if it helps when I run the entire 13.1 miles.

Boxed Breathing is also helpful for tests.

A nice little side-gig I had was proctoring tests. Texas has these standardized tests twice a year. For a good day’s pay, I got to proctor and monitor students testing.

One such student, whom I was informed had anxiety issues, would breathe in a certain rhythm. She started this before the test began and continued until she completed it.

Then she looked very relieved.

I’m not sure if it was Boxed Breathing, but it worked for her.


There’s no need to prepare for this, it just takes focus to time the breathing.

It can be used in anticipation of those special events where you know you can get aggravated. Start timing your breathing—in for four, hold for four, out for four, hold for four—and keep that up as long as necessary.

If you keep you breathing quiet, no one will notice.

Another situation you can use it in is when that “special” someone starts talking and your blood immediately starts boiling.

In for four.

Hold for four.

Out for four.

Hold for four.


They can keep talking while you work to keep your head clear. When they’re done spouting whatever insanity they take as fact, you’ll be ready. You can then add your opinion, or maybe not say anything at all.

And just walk away.

Boxed Breathing is a helpful tool that requires no extra gizmos or apps to use, just a little practice.

There are other breathing techniques, from the Navy Seals and other fitness professionals, that you can use to keep your head clear in the moment. Just make sure to bundle your internet first. Look for the best cable and internet deals in your area so you can save money, time, and frustration.

And the next time someone stupidly tells you to “calm down,” you’ll already be breathing and clearing your head so you can articulate exactly what you’re feeling.

As well as how ignorant they are.

DC to Save Comics

DC to Save Comics

DC has been tailing behind Marvel for the past decade, at least.

There have been a couple bright spots—Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, V for Vendetta, and The Watchmen. Maybe a couple more, but NOT Man of Steel or the Justice League. I have yet to see Wonder Woman, so the jury is still out.

Marvel, on the other hand, has created a powerhouse, a self-sustaining machine of adventure, excitement, and story. Based on the concept of superheroes jumping in and out of the narratives of other superheroes, Marvel has, pardon the pun, written the comic book for how to monopolize on years of fandom.

They’ve also figured out how to bring in new fans.

There is still the argument that the once glorious and awesome fringe society of comic book readers has been diluted with commercialism, but sadly, this is where we are.

To answer this, DC is launching a new streaming service.

DC’s New Streaming Service

DC comicsComing this fall, DC will launch DC Universe- the home for content based on DC comic book titles, as well as a vast selection of DC comic books to stream and read.

Although there are properties on other networks, the new service will have options to watch those too while they remain on their respective networks. They’ll be launching original content for their service as well.

One thing that makes this truly different than other streaming services is the abundance of comics available. These comics, which the properties were based on, can be streamed to various devices for reading pleasure.

Just imagine- watching a show based on the Green Lantern, then reading from a curated list of issues to get the full backstory of the superhero and his foes.

And doing this with your friends.

Though it seems farfetched, I wouldn’t mind joining a few comic geeks for an evening of reading comic books—on a 4k big screen—and discussing them afterward. It’s a strange concept, but then again, we’re living in a time when binge-watching movies and TV is the norm.

Marvel has already launched Marvel Unlimited, a platform to stream their own comic books for a fee. None of their movies and shows are there, however. There are links and synopses for the programs based on Marvel titles.

The big draw for this service is the curated lists, character encyclopedia, and how they tie in with the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.

DC is going one step further and putting all that content together in one place.

Will this Save Comic Books?DC comics

Being a part of the retail world, comic book stores have been suffering in the recent retail-pocalypse. Last year sales dropped 8%.

While physical comic books have been losing their draw, they’ve also begun to transition into a prestige item.

This works well for the niche audience that still buys physical issues.

The stores, unfortunately, will not be able to sustain themselves in this way.

By installing a big screen TV and buying the top subscription, comic book stores could possibly use this to level off their losses. It’s a suggestion coming from someone with no business expertise, but it’s a creative idea at least.

With DC Universe, they’ll be able to get all the content in the same place.

We may soon see “Comic Book Viewing” nights at local comic book stores, and even more farfetched, in theaters.

DC or Marvel?

Although I was once a die-hard Marvel fan, I do enjoy the big names of the DC universe. With the quality of their recent films, however, I’ve not been that impressed.

Then again, I wasn’t happy with how the original X-Men Trilogy was handled (thanks Brett Rattner!)

When Marvel finally got a clue and started writing stories that didn’t alienate their fanbase, I was happy. The content was based on the Avengers subset, which wasn’t my bag growing up, but I was familiar with it at least.

Now that The Avengers is a big thing going on, I know that each movie will at least be entertaining, even if I don’t know the entire mythos behind the central hero.

It’s the same with DC.

The last great DC superhero movie was The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight Rises was good yet fell short of the quality of its predecessor. Then again, it was the last movie in the trilogy, always a hard spot for a creative team to handle. Heath Ledger had also passed away, necessitating Nolan to shift his direction in the overall story arc. For what it was, it was good.

Since then DC has decided Zack Snyder was the one to take charge of all their films.

Even after his films didn’t do so well at the box office.

Maybe part of it was their insistence that they match Marvel in their scope of the story?

Either way, DC has been playing catch up with Marvel for a while.

This streaming service may be the one thing that turns it around for them. It’ll be small, but if there are enough early-adopters to it, the new streaming service will gain steam.

It’s also impossible for Marvel to keep their momentum going as they have been. Eventually, Marvel’s bubble will burst or they’ll switch to a different method of turning their titles into live-action entertainment.

Virtual reality maybe?

DC, in the meantime, needs to shape up with their DC Extended Universe and they’ll be able to swoop at the moment things turn for Marvel.

This streaming service, DC Universe, can be part of that.

Of course, all of this will be for nothing if you’re not able to connect and stream the shows and comic books to your favorite devices. Find the best internet deals for your zip code, as well as save yourself some money.

Then get to reading!

2 Million Reasons Netflix May Be Losing Their Edge

2 Million Reasons Netflix May Be Losing Their Edge

Netflix has spent over $8,000,000,000 (that’s billion with a B), racked up 112 Emmy Nominations…but they may be losing their edge.

Despite their big push in creating original content and knocking HBO off their throne, they’ve missed their forecast of new subscribers for the second quarter of 2018, by 2 million. This has happened three times in the past ten years, so it’s not as shocking as one would think. Of course, Netflix’s stock dropped more than 14% in response to this.

And now executives for Netflix, as well as outside business analysts, are asking why this happened.

Whose Fault Is It?

The blame, according to executives, lies on poor internal forecasting…and not the recent hike in prices for new and veteran subscribers.

Forecasting is, at best, a guess.

Meteorologists for the local news are guessing every day that the weather will turn out a certain way. There’s sophisticated technology, models, and years of training that go into it. Underneath it all, however, they are still guessing.

Analysts in the world of business, finance, and (insert industry here) are making a prediction when they forecast the future.

And if we know anything about the future, we know it’s going to be wildly different than what we assume it will be.

To blame a miss of 2 million subscribers on poor internal forecasting is a little short-sighted.

Because when the weather turns, do you go after your local meteorologist?

What Can They Do About It?

While Netflix didn’t gain those 2 million new subscribers, there hasn’t been any news that they’ve lost any either.

Netflix retains its current subscriber base of 130 million globally.Netflix

They’re still a powerhouse to deal with and after besting HBO in Emmy Nominations, they’ve done well in positioning themselves to finish strong for 2018.

Now, HBO is working on reclaiming that dominance and has already laid out their first weapon; Joss Whedon. On July 16th, it was announced that Whedon’s new show, The Nevers, will be on HBO. The network beat out Netflix in a bidding war to get the show and ordered the series directly…without ever seeing a pilot.

HBO is taking the smart path by focusing on new content.

Netflix can do the same by doubling-down on their content. By keeping their subscribers satisfied with their shows, the streaming giant can still grow their subscribers organically. Because a satisfied viewer is likely to recommend the show to their friends.

For Netflix to artificially raise their number of subscribers, they should set their sites a little more realistically.

Think Strategically

Without those 2 million subscribers, the streaming giant will lose a little bit of momentum. Not a lot, just a little.Netflix

There’s no harm in being cautious though, as the executives at Netflix have a right to be.

What they can do is get ready for awards season. Netflix can continue to campaign for their shows that helped them get those 112 Emmy nominations. They’re in a good spot to walk home with the most wins this year and deal an even bigger blow to their biggest competitor, HBO.

There’s also the Golden Globes coming up. These awards shows seem to mirror each other when it comes to nominations, so don’t be surprised if Netflix beats out HBO for Golden Globes as well.

Netflix should keep on campaigning like they normally do.

The Forecast for Netflix

So long as Netflix doesn’t panic or commit a knee-jerk reaction, they’ll be fine.

History is rife with companies, and people, who reacted to something small and created a big problem. Just think of The Pig War.

In 1859, a single hog was caught rooting in a farmer’s potatoes. To save his potatoes, the farmer, an American, shot the hog, owned by a British man. Tensions rose when one accused the other of foul play. Soon the hog’s death became an act of aggression by Americans’ towards the British. US soldiers were sent to the island, British Navy ships were sent to bolster the British merchants there.

All because a hog got out and ate a few potatoes.

The executives of Netflix just need to keep their cool. Things like this can happen and it’s important to remember that this was based on forecasted data. One shouldn’t invest too much in the predictions of the future from a single source.

What Netflix should be interested in is HBO’s plan to reclaim their throne.

As the networks continue to battle it out, their main weapons will be content- shows.

The harder they work to beat the other, the better the shows will be.

If this turns out to not be the case, then someone else will swoop in and claim dominance.

Be it Netflix, HBO, Amazon, or someone else, make sure you don’t miss your favorite shows by checking out the best internet deals. You can also save yourself some money in the process!

The 1 Way to Succeed on Twitch and YouTube

The 1 Way to Succeed on Twitch and YouTube

Monetizing a live-stream is seen as a legitimate career these days. Simply set up an account on Twitch, YouTube, or both, and just be yourself.

It’s…not that easy.

For those who assume acting is easy, simply ask any aspiring actor if they think acting can be done by anyone. Hopefully, they’re not offended and will just laugh at you.

The same with comedy. To quote the great Robin Williams’ “Of course you have to know comedy. Because if you tell a joke and they don’t laugh, then you know tragedy.”Live-stream

Streaming content is the newest version of creating entertainment. The upside is that it’s easy to get into. The downside is that this creates a saturated market.

Voices are easily lost in a market that’s brimming with people trying to get attention.

To get those coveted followers it takes a lot of time and effort.

Without a direction, however, even time and effort can be wasted.

Know Your Topic

I’ll admit, I have no skills when it comes to playing online games. The last time I touched a Halo game I barely scored one kill.

When it comes to researching, organizing, and telling a story, that’s where my real abilities lie. Thus, I’ve given up on video games and instead have focused on reading books, reading about writing, writing, talking with other writers, editing, and writing some more. The upside of all this is that I’ve now landed a job where someone pays me to do this all day.

It’s still a challenge.

Putting words on the screen every day requires hard work and discipline.

Working through horrible drafts is just part of the process of getting to the right one.

Now let’s replace writing with live-streaming. The same advice applies; keep working at it.

You’ll also learn some surprising things about yourself.

For example; my boss asked me how long it would take to complete an article consisting of 800 words. I ballparked it at four hours.

He blinked at me and said, “You’re the first person to use a number.”

And I got the job.

You don’t have to be an expert, you just need to know more than the average person.

Create Genuine Connections

This one has always proved difficult for me.

Since I’m good with writing and rewriting, and editing, and rewriting, talking to people face-to-face can be daunting. It may seem obvious, but making friends wasn’t my forte as a child.

When I worked to make people like me, I came across as a fake. And worse, desperate.

No one wants to be friends, or do business with, a desperate person. And those that do are going to take advantage of you.

Instead, working to find a personae or a particular schtick helped make it easier to interact and relate to strangers. It was subtle at first, and at times overblown. With time I honed it. It’s not as difficult as it used to be and I still work on it from time-to-time.

By being genuine you create genuine relationships.

Genuine relationships lead to a solid fan base.

Do Your Research

Once you’ve discovered what works for you, hone it, develop it, work on it.Live-stream

This means, as bad as it sounds, that you much do research.

Yes, research.

Looking for relevant information and data that are relevant to your topic takes time.

If you’re at least interested in the topic, then researching it will seem less arduous. In fact, it may even be fun.

I enjoy reading books not just for the stories, but to see how the author tells them. Soon I plan on taking Malcolm Gladwell’s Masterclass on writing.

If you neglect research, you run the risk of losing your audience. This links back to the “being a fake” mentioned earlier.

The best comedians still do it. Jerry Seinfeld, when his hit sitcom ended, went back to doing standup. It helped him figure out new material, find what worked for him, and as he says, get back to his roots.

Then You Can Think of Monetizing

Technology, though amazing, does lull us into this false belief that things will happen quickly. We stream movies and music instantly. Every time you tap an icon on your smartphone you get a little dopamine rush from completing a task and completing it quickly.

Getting into writing has taken me years. There were times I considered quitting. Thankfully, I’d started, and quit, a lot of things before then. I’m tired of repeating that process. I’m also a father now and constantly “searching for myself” does not work well with trying to raise a child.

It also helps that I enjoy telling and sharing stories. I’ve also been told I’m good at it. And now someone is paying me to do it. Took about three years to get here, but better late than never, right?

So if you decide that a career as a streaming personality or entertainer is for you, then go for it. Be prepared for a long road filled with tough times.

In the meantime, to ensure your connection is fast so you can stream uninterrupted, check out internet bundle deals.


“You can start any ‘Monty Python’ routine and people finish it for you. Everyone knows it like shorthand.” —Robin Williams

Switching Habits

Switching Habits

I have a habit of starting my day at 4 am. It took weeks to switch from a night person to an early riser, and it wasn’t easy, but I succeeded.

Not because I need to get up at that hour, but because I need to get up at that hour.

Am I a crazy person?Switch

Am I an enthusiast?

It’s a fine line some mornings, to be honest, but it’s a habit that I’ve enjoyed for years. At first, it was difficult and required a lot of coffee. Then it became something I looked forward to every day. I fell out of practice after the birth of my first child, worked hard to get back in the groove, then fell out again after the birth of my second child. I’m back in the groove now, but it’s harder to pop out of bed these days than it used to be.

And I drink a lot more coffee.

Despite the lack of sleep and the ever-increasing to-do list around the house, I’m up at 4 am-ish most mornings to take advantage of the one time everyone else is asleep. I’m free to write during that time. Free to be creative. Most of all, I’m free to take time to unwind and have fun.

For me, creating a habit like this was difficult.

Luckily, through my other hobby of reading, I’ve come across knowledge that will make creating habits like this easier.

In 2010, Chip and Dan Heath followed up their bestselling Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, with Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard. Filled with wit and stories that resonate, the Heath Brothers lay out a strategy to better facilitate change in life.

This change can be personal, professional, or just to help with a minor issue in life. Though I didn’t read Switch before I started my four am wake-up routine, I look back and see how the concepts played into my efforts.

The Switch Framework

Drawing on the work of psychologist Jonathan Haidt, the Heath Brothers use his analogy of an elephant and a rider.

Our self-control is a rider on top of an elephant, and the elephant is our emotions. The problem here is obvious; a person may be able to direct the elephant, but only if the elephant is okay with the direction. And that little rider is helpless when the elephant decides it wants to travel a different path.

How does this imagery help us to create better habits in our lives and work?

Direct the Rider

The first step the Heath Brothers breakdown is to give that rider a direction.

Our self-control can be directed towards a goal. When that direction is simple and easy to understand, the rider has an easier time focusing on reaching the goal itself.

They break this down further into three parts, with no part being more important the others. Rather, they’re all part of a strategy.

Follow the Bright Spots

What’s worked? What do you enjoy? What makes you miss a meal?Switch

For me, that was writing. At first, it was a coping mechanism, like daily journaling. I also liked the sound of the keyboard clicking. Therefore, I worked to develop that to see where it went…which turned out to be writing.

Script the Critical Moves

Set up a routine, or a mental checklist of what to do at certain times.

To make writing work for me, I set my alarm for 4 am, as well as making sure the coffee pot was set to turn on at that time as well. I also had cereal ready.

Point the Destination

My wife had gotten tired of me “critiquing” movies and TV shows. She got me a book on creative writing and told me to go write my own.

This became my destination- to complete a book then get it published.

Motivate the Elephant

For this metaphor, the elephant is very given to emotions. This is why it’s important to tap into a feeling, a memory, or some emotional connection that speaks on a very basic level.

Once the elephant is motivated, and that motivation ties in with the goal, the rider will have an easier time directing the entire endeavor

Find the Feeling

Underneath all the writing and the storytelling, I’ll admit, I liked the attention of a good story. My grandfather even said that I should go into writing because I was a good storyteller. It took me a few years to listen to him, but eventually, I did.

Hearing stories from my grandfather, and other relatives, was always an enjoyable experience. In my family, there are some amazing, and hilarious, storytellers. Sadly, there are also some not-so-good ones, as the storytelling gene is recessive.

To share stories and to hear stories has always been something that I enjoyed and looked forward to.

There was the feeling.

Shrink the Change

When a task is large, getting discouraged comes naturally. If possible, break down the task into smaller pieces to make it easier.

For writing, it’s as simple as setting daily wordcounts to reach, or a number of pages to complete. I would sit down and make myself write for five minutes straight without stopping. This warm-up exercise cleared out the cobwebs and allowed my creative side to breathe. Writing after that became much easier.

Grow Your People

By working with those around you, you create a support network, a safety net, or accountability around you to help complete the task at hand.

The first writer I reached out, Karen Traviss, was very supportive and answered my questions. Thanks to this reaction, I was emboldened to keep writing and reach out to other authors and writers.

Shape the Path

The last piece of the strategy is to create a way to reach your intended goal.

It would be nice to have a map written up with all the steps to take, how to take them, and at what time. In life, unfortunately, that never happens.

Tweak the Environment

When the environment you find yourself in is more conducive to where you want to go, your self-control is strengthened.

To become a better writer, you must not only write, you must also read. It doesn’t matter what you read so long as it’s a constant thing. I accomplished this through audiobooks, as well as regular trips to Barnes & Noble.

Listening to instrumental music also helped the words to flow.

Build Habits

Habits can make or break change. When you have a habit of vegging out in front of the TV at the end of the day, it’s going to get harder to change that the longer you do it.

By getting up at four am every day I eventually got to the point that I could wake up without an alarm. While this was cool, I kept the alarm on as I didn’t want to risk sleeping in and missing my writing time.

Habits also make self-control simpler as you’ve engineered your brain to react in a certain way.

Rally the Herd

Working with other writers, and staying in touch with them, helped to keep me going when the writing was horrible. They would offer advice on what needed improvement, but most importantly, they kept telling me I was good at it. If they were lying about that then the jokes on them because now I’m doing this for a living.


This framework is helpful when it comes to implementing something new into your life, no matter what part it is.

The Switch Framework isn’t the final word on change, however, as the Heath Brothers have a list of suggested reading in Switch to further learn about identifying and implementing change.

Visit their website to find more resources, as well as purchase other books written by the Heath Brothers.

Be sure to stream it to your favorite devices as an eBook or an audiobook. You can do this by looking into the best cable and internet deals.

Before you know it, you’ll be a crazy person who gets up at four am to fulfill your passion too!

A New Way to Connect: How Fixed Wireless Internet Can Improve Your Online Experience

A New Way to Connect: How Fixed Wireless Internet Can Improve Your Online Experience

 Satellite Internet customers have remained notoriously limited in their choice of Internet service providers.  Not anymore!  Fixed wireless Internet service may just be the answer to consumers’ need for fast and reliable service.  We are all painfully aware of the frustrations of traditional Internet service.  Speeds get throttled.  Service goes down.  Customer service sucks.  Stuff happens.

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The benefits of going wireless

Que será, será, right?  Not quite.  Not anymore.  Consumers now have a choice about which broadband connection type they want.  Wireless connectivity – the answer to all our wire-dependency troubles – has been around for quite a while.  Internet companies and developers have cast their hopes on radio waves since – well, basically since the invention of the Internet.

Our wire and cord days are mostly gone now.  Electromagnetic radiation.  You gotta love it!  It’s really a cool idea if you think about it.  You can connect to the Internet without the use of a physical medium for the connection to occur over, like a cable.  The idea of using satellites as a means of providing Internet access certainly has its benefits in much the same way that using a wireless router in your home as opposed to a wired connection has its benefits.

Consumers can now access the Internet from previously too remote for other service providers’ physical lines to connect them.  That means you, rural dweller – yes, you!

Choices, choices, choices!fixed wireless internet

Satellite Internet has long been the connection of choice for people living on the outskirts of the big city.  In many cases, it was the only way to go.  A lack of option in terms of availability of service meant that rural customers had no real choice.  You either have Viasat or HughesNet.  End of story.

This lack of options came with some setbacks.  The first setback was latency.  Gamers, pay attention to this part; this concerns you.  Geosynchronous satellites are up there in space.  Like way, way up there.  These flying tin cans have an orbit that’s over 22,000 miles above the surface of the Earth.  Radio waves take time to travel across that kind of distance.  The signal must first reach the satellite and then return to Earth.  This results in a delay.  That delay is called latency, and it is the bane of satellite Internet customers’ existence.

Think about online gaming.  Modern games are played in real-time and require a fast connection.  The lag time for satellite Internet is typically about 230 milliseconds: not nearly long enough to notice when doing casual browsing, but is potentially disastrous for Fortnite aficionados!  Latency can also affect other real-time applications like voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  Think Skype calls.  Who would have thought that calling grandma would be so fraught with frustration, eh?

The second setback that satellite Internet users encounter regularly is good ol’ mother nature.  Inclement weather can leave customers in the dark.  Literally.  Rain, snow, dense cloud cover, and even particularly gusty winds can result in a lost satellite signal.  The thing about satellite connection is that users must have a clear view of the satellite to get a good signal.  Microwave radio frequencies travel in a straight line and cannot pass through solid objects.  Physical obstructions like trees and buildings can negatively affect the quality of the connection.

What’s a person to do if they experience these connection issues regularly with their satellite Internet connection?  For a long time, there was nothing they could do.  Short of moving to the city, users had to suck it up and go with the flow.  Not anymore.

Here to save the day – fixed wireless Internet!

People often confuse fixed wireless Internet with satellite Internet.  The two types of connection are similar.  They both tout the benefits of a wireless connection (i.e., availability in rural areas).  However, where satellite connections occur thousands of miles up in space, fixed wireless connections occur right down here on the ground.  The way it works is simple.  Service is transmitted via radio waves from a tower access point on the ground.  Okay, well, maybe it’s a bit more complex than that, but you get the idea.  It’s innovative point-to-point technology.

Rise Broadband is the nation’s largest fixed wireless provider, providing service to rural communities in 16 states – and growing!  In fact, Rise Broadband, winner of the 2017 Fierce Wireless Telecom Provider Award, has eyes set on the future with 5G standards setting new standards for growth.  Areas across the map are now being covered by towers to provide access.  Areas like yours, reader.  That’s right.  A tower has been constructed in your vicinity, providing you access to fixed wireless Internet.  Satellite Internet is no longer your only option!

Final thoughts

This is great news for customers who are looking for fast, reliable service.  By delivering speeds comparable to or exceeding DSL, cable, and fiber, fixed wireless Internet offers consumers like you a highly anticipated wireless solution to get you connected.  Check to see which Rise Broadband offers are available in your area.  A new way to connect is here.

Ain’t technology grand?

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